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A man, Everisto Gwekwerere, got the stun of his life in the wake of discovering his significant other stark bare in another man’s room on his landing.

Gwekwerere was dragged to the Mwenezi Civil Court by his better half, Sharai Nyanisi, who was looking for a security arrange.

In her application concerning the case which occurred in Zimbabwe, Nyanisi told the court that despite the fact that she was never again intrigued by living with Gwekwerere, he was all the while seeking after her wherever she went.

On his part, Gwekwerere told the court that his long-lasting spouse was embarrassed about returning home since he got her stark-bare with another man.

He told the court that upon his arrival from South Africa where he works, he was cautioned that his better half was in an additional conjugal undertaking with another man.

“We have been hitched for a long time and we are honored with four youngsters.

“When I came back from work, my better half asked for to go to his folks’ place of living arrangement. In this way, I gave her the authorization; yet I was later tipped that she had, rather, gone to Laxson’s place at Mwenezana Estates cabins.

“Since I know the place, I went straight to Laxson’s home and got in, uninvited.

“I discovered my significant other and Laxson bare in similar covers. I simply requested them to get dressed with the goal that we could arrange calmly; however my better half instantly fled not long after subsequent to getting dressed,” said Gwekwerere.

He guaranteed that he sought after Nyanisi essentially on the grounds that he was stressed over her security following the humiliating occurrence.

Nyanisi, who did not debate Gwekwerere’s adaptation of occasions, said she was never again intrigued by Gwekwerere and did not need him to meddle in her own life.

Justice Honest Musiiwa set aside opportunity to advise the two and later allowed Nyanisi the security arrange.

He requested Gwekwerere not to visit Nyanisi at her new residence of living arrangement and to cease from any type of savagery.