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A Twitter user identified as @lolaloveandart, has stated that Yoruba men will make a lady question her sanity.

According to Omolola, what makes Yoruba men the worst is that they are not simply satisfied with sleeping with you or cheating on their partner, but will also want them to fall in love, to obsess over them before breaking ones heart.

See what she wrote below;

What makes Yoruba men the worst, is that they are not simply satisfied with sleeping with you or cheating on you. No. They want you to fall in love. To obsess over them. To hand over everything that is you. Until they suck out all of your essence, until you are empty & broken.

There is no joy in hurting you just a little. No. They want your life to stop. It is not just sex. They can get sex from anyone or anywhere. What they want, what they crave, is the rush of “winning”. Of owning you. Of knowing they had the power to destroy you.

I mean if it is just to get into your pants, they won’t make such great effort. You are thinking too small if all you think you need to protect is your body. What the Yoruba man seeks to destroy, is your heart.

And don’t think that once you have married him, you are immune o. Never. Like someone here once said, they are like werewolves. One day the full moon will rise, and he will howl.

By the time a Yoruba man is done with you, you will question your sanity. If you are unlucky enough, you will get a proper diagnosis. Anxiety, Paranoia, Depression. Anyway. Something must kill a woman. *Rubs the belly of her Yoruba husband*

SOURCE: gistreel