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Bryan Singer, executive of a few “X-Men” motion pictures, has been blamed in a claim for sexually attacking a 17-year-old, New York Times reports.

The executive had purportedly manhandled Cesar Sanchez-Guzman in 2003 when they met on a yacht.

Artist had offered to demonstrate Sanchez-Guzman around, the claim read, and when they got to the room Singer close the entryway behind him and requested for sex.

At the point when Sanchez-Guzman cannot, Singer purportedly pushed him on the informal lodging struck him, constraining him to perform oral and butt-centric sex.

Vocalist professedly came back to Sanchez-Guzman later, revealing to him he was a maker in Hollywood and could get him into the business on the off chance that he never enlightened anybody regarding the episode.

This is the second time Bryan Singer has been blamed for sexually ambushing a minor, after Michael Egan who blamed him for assaulting and sedating him in 1999.