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Nigerian conceived US artist, Jidenna has uncovered the reason Nigerians are known for fake exercises everywhere throughout the world.

It reviews that last Thursday, the FBI discharged full subtleties and characters of 80 presumed fraudsters, with many being Nigerians, captured in the United States.

Iro, 31, and Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwe, 38, were named as lead suspects.

The suspects were named by Mr Nick Hanna, the U.S. Lawyer for Central District of California, at a news gathering on Aug. 22.

Hanna said the misrepresentation cases included presumes scheming with government and state operators to trick clueless casualties of their cash.

Responding to the capture of 77 Nigerians by the FBI, Jidenna said Nigerians were more brilliant than many individuals, henceforth the reason they exceed expectations in games and other circle of life, including defrauding.

Talking during a meeting on the Breakfast Club, Jidenna stated: “The reason Nigerians are known for defrauding isn’t on the grounds that we are terrible individuals.

“This is on the grounds that we are more brilliant than many individuals”.