Who wants to be a millionaire?
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Let’s personalize the question; do you want to be a millionaire?

Yes or No?The “yays” have it!

Before we show you how, let’s have a little throwback!

Can you remember the popular game show, who wants to be a millionaire? That game show was lit!

You get on the hot seat, answer a few questions, there’s a price for every correct answer.

But you can only cash out if you get some strategic questions well!

The beauty of the game was the expression!

Expressions of candidates!

Their expressions were priceless!

Can we replicate that expression for you?

There’s this joy that comes with getting more funds.

At Dice Ng, our goal is to replicate that emotion for you!

The smiles, the happy tears and priceless feeling that come with winning!

Register on and let’s get started!