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Inter Milan striker, Romelu Lukaku has uncovered that his previous chief, Jose Mourinho, persuaded him to join Manchester United rather than Chelsea.

Man United beat Chelsea to the marking of Lukaku in the 2017 summer move window, when the then-Everton hit-man appeared to be ready to come back to Stamford Bridge.

In any case, Lukaku has now said that a telephone call from Mourinho in New York persuaded him to join the Red Devils over the UEFA Europa League champions.

“I was gone, I was going to Chelsea,” the Belgium worldwide said on the LightHarted webcast.

“I was searching for a loft, a condo for my mum to remain in near to the training office, so I don’t need to drive excessively far. And after that Man U came.

“At Man U everyone was… I felt the trust more, where everyone needed me to be there and that is the genuine story. Individuals state ‘No doubt, my operator (Mino Raiola)’ and stuff that way – my previous specialist at the time – he carried out his responsibility, he got the best open door for me, however the individuals needed me the most and that was Man U. Everyone was needing me. There was no questioning.

“They came and they let me know – I was in New York – I get a telephone call from this number and I’m similar to, ‘Who’s this?’ Pick up, Jose Mourinho. ‘Rom, how’s it hanging with you?’ I’m similar to, ‘Better believe it, what’s up, supervisor?’

“‘I’m going to get you back, we’re going to pay £75m in addition to £15m in rewards (additional items) by one week from now, so I anticipate you in LA. So proceed to do your s**t in LA and I’ll see you after [in pre-season]’. I felt the fella was lying, similar to ‘I’ll see you’.

“At that point the before I know it, I wake up and needed to return to Everton on the July 7 and July 6, I get up toward the beginning of the day and I see they’ve conceded to the arrangement, so I’m similar to, ‘Man! They came in hard!’

“I talked with Ed Woodward also, he resembles the GM (general chief), we had a decent discussion, we talked twice, I think – and in that discussion, I could feel his trust. While Chelsea it was the mentor. Antonio Conte needed me awful, similar to terrible awful, he needed me when he was at Juventus in 2013. We have a great relationship, we have a similar specialist. His playing style, he required me for his group.

“So he demonstrated to me an investigation of the game, how he needed to play, so for him, he won three Italian titles, he did a three-peat before he took the test up and one of the three-peats were unbeaten.

“So I was going to Chelsea and after that Man U came through and when I felt the trust of everyone at Man U. What’s more, the stature and greatness of the group, I felt like, ‘Guess what? It’s too great an open door for me, everyone trusts in me, it’s a decent group, why not?'”