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The moment a mother agreed with her sweetheart’s position and pointed the finger at her little girl after the young lady opened up to her that she was being attacked by the mother’s beau has stunned internet based life clients.

In the video becoming famous online on the web, the young lady is seen revealing to her mom that Drew came into her room again and contacted her. As opposed to trust her, the mother revealed to her that Drew is a decent man. She at that point reprimanded her little girl for continually strolling about in bum shorts, endeavoring to entice him.

She proceeded to blame her little girl for attempting to separate her and her man.

Internet based life clients are shocked by the mother’s response to her little girl being mishandled and they’ve said Child Protective Service needs to get in and remove the 16-year-old young lady from her mom.

Viral video of a mother taking her boyfriend