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The spouse of the President, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, has started up an Uproar online for Nigerians to pick among destitution and riches in tomorrow’s presidential decision.

Aisha Buhari, while introducing strengthening packs to 1,250 ladies and young people from the six region committees of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, on Thursday requested that Nigerians “choose whether the poor ought to wind up less fortunate and the rich more extravagant or a general public where the hole starts to be diminished.”

In an announcement by her media consultant Adebisi, Olumide Ajayi, cited Mrs. Buhari, as saying that “destitution is one of the lists that urge individuals to grasp indecencies like fear based oppression, grabbing, and asking.

Aisha proclamation has since been met with reactions and various response from Nigerians on the web.

While a few Nigerians via web-based networking media recognized Buhari, APC as ‘Destitution’, others distinguished Atiku as ‘Riches’

Here are some reactions:

@Olarounye “You are right Madam, I chose wealth, the kind poverty your husband brought upon us is so excruciating, Atiku is Wealth.”

@Chizybae “This woman already knew that buhari has led us to world poverty Capital, and comes to tell us to choose wealth or poverty, probably everyone wants wealth, thus indirectly telling Nigerians to vote Atiku and kick poverty Buhari out! She is a genius.”

@Ray_vicsson “What I love about Aisha Buhari is that she always talk in parables. She knows fully well that her husband Buhari represents the poverty she’s talking about. Nigerian people has been living in abject poverty since her husband took the mantle of leadership. So vote wisely.”

@ForaNewNigeria1 “This woman has given Nigerians enough clues. She has done her own campaigns and voting. We’ll have ourselves to blame if we don’t heed her warnings.The choice is yours to make.”

@Sundayodc2018 “If you know you know, Aisha has finally make it clear to Nigerians. Vote for Atiku.”

@Ezediniliu “We have made our choice, Atiku. We are tired of poverty, job losses, killings, etc.”

@Godsongoodnews1 “Something I love about this woman, she always comes up with truth .Nigerians know where they’re now and they know where they’re wish to be tomorrow. Say No to Buhari and his poverty APC, Vote Atiku for wealth.”

@EmanuelUchenna “I so much like this woman, I wish she is the one contesting for this election. Poverty is the next name of APC.”

@Bless_jerryp “Aisha always win my heart. You have proven once again that you are not made just for the “kitchen and the other room”

@Juliusdennis7 “Madam, I now know the difference between poverty and wealth.

Buhari is poverty and I reject it. Poverty must go.”

@mydins2014 “Buhari and Atiku, Poverty and wealth: Let those with wisdom understand Mama Aisha.”

@Idokojan “With this, first lady have just taken pity on hungry and impoverished Nigerians. And she has sincerely told us to go vote Atiku. I respect you ma! You have indirectly told us this long ago by being reluctant in campaigning for Buhari. We’ll surely vote Atiku ma.”