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Female rap sensation Cardi B has another moniker on Twitter, Catfish B. The web based life star and rapper was seen out yesterday in New York without cosmetics.

What’s more, when the pictures of Cardi made there way on the web, she began inclining. As a matter of fact it was her new moniker “Catfish B” that was slanting via web-based networking media.

A “catfish” is somebody who professes to be another person, particularly on the web. Found on anyplace from instagram to twitter to talk locales, these individuals use controlled, or counterfeit pictures to camouflage their identity.

Cardi is known for utilizing unreasonable cosmetics and channels to change her looks.

In any case, without the cosmetics, Offset’s significant other resembles an entire diverse individual.

Here are the pics that have Cardi circulating around the web on the web:

Cardi B is a platinum selling female rapper who is best known for her tune Bodak Yellow, that surprised the world in 2017. She’s hitched to Migos rapper Offest, and has a little girl by her significant other named Kulture.