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While some of your loved ones might enjoy getting new toys and gadgets, they often get over them quickly. They may often jump right on the next new and fancy thing in a box. What people can’t forget though, is an experience. A long-lasting, memorable gesture – a Christmas experience.

In case you are drawing a blank on what Christmas experiences could leave your loved ones in awe of your thoughtfulness, we have made a shortlist.

  1. Sign them up for a new skill

It could be swimming lessons, piano lessons, karate, or any other skill your loved ones have indicated interest in. Making available the necessary supplies required to partake in such activities will be a dream come true for them. New skills like those listed above have a long learning curve with lasting impact. This means they will never forget the reason they started learning in the first place – you.

  1. Sightseeing with family/road trip

Have you seen every fun spot in the state you live?

Then take your loved ones to a fun park in another state within or outside the country. Kids especially love this. Let them meet new people, see a different culture, and experience fun in a whole new level. If you are up for it, there are lots of exciting places that you can choose from, no matter your budget.

The memories from this experience will last for a long time.

  1. Gift an FBN Mutual Fund

Setting up a Mutual Fund in your loved one’s name is guaranteed to make a difference in their lives in the long run, even when they may not be able to comprehend the essence of the fund immediately. The FBNQuest Gift a Mutual Fund package presents an outstanding opportunity to reward your loved ones thoughtfully and meaningfully.

Starting from as low as N5,000, you can begin investing in the future of your loved ones via an FBN Mutual Fund today. Get started here: Gift a Mutual Fund.

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