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Popular police public relations officer, Dolapo Badmus, has said something regarding the ongoing hurray young men debate which was started by vocalist Naira Marley who asked Nigerians to petition God for Yahoo young men.

She expressed that anybody supporting Yahoo young men need his or her mind checked.

CSP Dolapo Badmus has responded to the continuous brouhaha in Nigeria about web fraudsters famously known as Yahoo young men.

Dolapo Badmus shared:

Any one that underpins Yahoo (Internet misrepresentation) business needs to take his or her mind for examination! How on earth will a normal individual help light culpability. We can never deteriorate as a country! On the off chance that we proceed with like this, at that point one day we will wake up to see a few people supporting burglary and fear mongering!

How I wish we can have a law that makes anybody straightforwardly peddling for these fraudsters as quilty as them! These fraudsters have trashed Nigeria and Nigerians! Our young business people have lost business bargains because of the exercises of these Yahoo young men, our more youthful ones can’t get Visas to visit nations offering them business openings. However we are here with certain individuals shielding and legitimizing this illicitness!? We can’t bear to wreck this country by our inactions, that is not what our progenitors imagined. I know some Yahoo individuals and family will burst into flames with these post yet where is kanmi in the passing of mother Adele?!. May All Yahoo young men irritating the advancement of our dedicated adolescents be gotten and spoil in prison