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A Teacher has been condemned to death by hanging for assaulting a four-year-old understudy so gravely that she needed to have her digestion tracts realigned.

Mahendra Singh Gond is expected to be hanged one month from now after he assaulted the kid on June 30 a year ago in India’s Madhya Pradesh locale.

He assaulted the young lady so seriously that he improved her inner parts, at that point he dumped her body in a wilderness zone, expecting she was dead.

A urgent hunt was propelled, before the young lady’s family discovered her with languishing wounds and surged her to medical clinic. Her wounds were severe to the point that she must be carried to a Delhi emergency clinic where she had a task to realign her digestive organs, reports Times Now News.

Gond was captured inside hours of the horrendous assault and he was indicted after the young lady created an impression amid her recuperation.

Gond was condemned to the death penalty on September 19 a year ago. He is expected to be executed at 5am on March 2.

Be that as it may, the hanging can at present be ceased by the Supreme Court or the President.