Tacha, Seyi advance reasons their relationship didn’t work
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Ex-Big Brother Naija housemates, Tacha and Seyi have uncovered why their relationship in the Big Brother house went bad.

The team made this known on Monday scene of BBNaija Reunion facilitated by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

Their companionship got ugly after they had a misconception which prompted pulling of affront at one another.

As indicated by Tacha, Seyi ‘is a misogynist’ who was continually discussing her body and how hot she was as opposed to praising her accomplishments as a lady.

She also said that the moment Seyi called her “Putah” which she perceived to mean a “prostitute” she drew the line to their friendship.

She said, “He just started telling the whole world, listen I’m a sexist, because when all you do is trying to tell a woman how sexy her body is, it simply means you’re a sexist.

“He was always talking about how I have a great body, “oh I understand you are nice and sexy” but never tried to point out my achievements as an African woman, as a woman in the society striving to make an honest living.”

“When you out rightly called someone that everyone thought you were close friends “putah” a prostitute, then you have crossed the line.

“That was it for me, that was when I decided I was done because I heard him but I didn’t want to say anything,” she added.

Seyi admitted that ‘putah’ was actually an insult, but that it was Spanish word that meant “female dog” and not prostitute as claimed.

He also affirmed that it was an insult, but argued that he was equally hurt by Tacha’s words.

He said, “Now let me clear this putah word, unfortunately it isn’t really a good word. I will be honest; it was an insult to a certain degree.

“Putah means a female dog, Putah is a Latin word or rather a Spanish word for female dog and not prostitute.”

However, when asked by Ebuka if he agrees that it wasn’t the right word to use at that time, he said he knew it wasn’t but maintained that he was deeply hurt.

“Literally, I am saying it wasn’t a good word but like I said, I was hurt,” he added.

Toward the end, Seyi apologized to Tacha who acknowledged his conciliatory sentiment after she had fought that Seyi was just saying ‘sorry’ on account of what individuals may consider him a man, and not on the grounds that he truly lamented his activities.