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The Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has prompted Nigerians to quit freezing on bits of gossip about fuel appropriation and an expansion in the siphon cost.

An announcement discharged a marked by the NUPENG South West Chairman, Tayo Aboyeji, states that Nigeria has enough oil and diesel flowing in each state.

“Nigerians should quit spreading and tuning in to gossipy tidbits about government expelling fuel appropriation and expanding the siphon cost of fuel. We don’t know about such move, there is sufficient fuel available for use and no expansion has been made up until this point, ” Aboyeji said

The NUPENG manager forewarned Nigerians of the looming perils of putting away and accumulating fuel at homes and shops, particularly amid this sweltering climate.

“Indiscreet capacity of fuel can prompt flame calamity both in the house or in the vehicle,” Aboyeji exhorted.

Most fuel stations in numerous pieces of the nation have been thronged by restless Nigerians purchasing oil based commodities to store at home