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OAP Daddy Freeze has advised his followers to stop listening to pastors if they want to become rich.

The leader of the Free the Sheeple Movement made this known in an Instagram post where he made reference to China, a non-religious nation which is doing well economically.

Daddy Freeze wrote:

“The Chinese individuals that constructed this train (pay special mind to China common on the coachwork), have the world’s biggest number of very rich people in dollars, a sum of 819 tycoons and have destroy extraordinary destitution.

In China 90% of the populace does not have faith in, or practice ANY religion. Of the 10% left, dominant part are Buddhist.

Rehearsing a religion or venerating God does NOT ensure riches, on the off chance that it did, Nigeria with 5 holy places on each road will have the most astounding number of tycoons, rather we have just 5 very rich people in dollars and the world’s biggest number of destitute individuals living in extraordinary neediness, visit

In the event that you need to be rich quit tuning in to any minister or religious pioneer, rather go to business college, or endeavor to imitate the Chinese. ~FRZ”