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A Nigerian business person, Omotola otherwise known as ‘Jesus Baby’, took to Twitter to encourage ladies to quit having s3x with scoundrel poor young men.

She said the heel poor young men will drag them down since they don’t have anything to lose. Similarly obviously, the Tweet picked up a great deal of response, with numerous individuals getting her out.

See what she composed underneath;

“Quit having s3x with this maggot poor young men that will come and drag you since they don’t have anything to lose, you individuals won’t hear word.

Those of you resulting in these present circumstances string to cry should continue crying since you need sense to fathom.

Wonder why u are activated and offending me over this tweet!

It is safe to say that you are a maggot?

Do you go to the TL to disgrace ladies since you both had s3x? So why precisely are y’all activated?… ..or you simply need appreciation?

Well every1 will be okay.