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Bola Tinubu has sponsored President Buhari on his order against polling booth snatchers amid the up and coming general decisions.

The APC National pioneer, is solidly with President Buhari, who at a gathering said he had given the police and the military the approval to be savage with those that should need to disturb the races. Buhari added that those that endeavor to grab polling stations amid the decision would do as such to the detriment of their lives.

In spite of the fact that numerous Nigerians denounced President Buhari’s announcement, saying it is an open call for wilderness equity, Tinubu at an APC partners meeting in Lagos, said he is in help of the announcement. He said;

“We as a whole heard what PMB mandate on political thuggery, tallying stations grabbing, viciousness to the security staff. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, I’m definitely not. Ladies, if it’s not too much trouble caution your youngsters, siblings not cause any type of inconvenience on race day as the security will be heartless against such act. It will do everybody great to obey than to resist. I remain with President Muhammadu Buhari on his announcement on tallying station grabbing.

Polling booth grabbing is like theft, and far more terrible, subsequently, it must be denounced in the entirety of its aggregate by everyone. We should not permit it. Anyone found grabbing voting stations should mercilessly be managed. It’s done to our greatest advantage to shield our Nation’s majority rule government from being truncated by foes of advancement.

Give your Permanent Voter’s A chance to card be your military, we should go out and choose Buhari and our different applicants on Saturday, February 23 and along these lines, governorship hopefuls and state House of Assembly. “In the event that you (individuals) have any issue whatsoever go and see the pioneers of the gathering in your chamber and wards.