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A 45-year-old Ghanaian lesbian, Janet Ofori, has gladly come to brag about laying down with more than 10 ladies every day, in a meeting with Adom TV.

The lady, who asserted she turned into a professional in the lesbian demonstration from Senior High School, said has possessed the capacity to fulfill bunches of rich single ladies in her nation.

As indicated by her, some of her customers are serves in government and MPs including some radio moderators.

In the meeting, Janet who concealed her personality while talking in her lingo, additionally uncovered that she has possessed the capacity to change over more than 3,000 ladies and as yet tallying to contact her objective.

Ofori likewise reproached the cases that lesbianism is a shrewd work on, saying it was never expressed in the book of scriptures.

She stated, “Would you say you were there, when God made Adam and Eve and you will come and reveal to me that, God made Adam and Eve to wed? Also, who says being a lesbian isn’t right, demonstrate to me where it is expressed in the book of scriptures.”

The 45-year-old lady was likewise joined by a gay man, Kwame Mensah, who unveiled that, with the assistance of creams, his rear-end has broadened enough to get any size of a man’s penis.

“I deal with my family and am not working as well, so I don’t figure, I can deal with a lady.” “I don’t need broken heart and lady can’t fulfill me either. I go to chapel and I pay my tithe okay, so who is he to judge me.”

“I pick the sort of men I need, and my rear-end can take any size, regardless of how tremendous the individual might be.”

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