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Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STDs as they are popularly known is transferred through s*x. Darling, They’re no longer that way o. I was browsing through the web and stumbled on this. Apparently, these viruses thrive in moist, wet and soggy areas of the body so there are ways you can contact STDs without actually engaging in s*x! Scary right? Here are the ways through which one can get them;


Yes! it is possible to get STD from kissing your boyfriend, the one night stand or that chaste kiss on the mouth from your date. Sorry, but it is really a chaste kiss of death (if you’re kissing an infected person). There are several types of herpes which include type I herpes also known as Oral Herpes. They carry it for life in fact (Talk about a life long sentence). And honey, there are people who carry this without even knowing that they carry this with them.

Moist and Wet Towels, Handkerchiefs etc.

Like it is written above, these viruses live longer in moist, soggy and wet atmospheres. And besides, who knows where these towels have been. Using moist towels has been associated to one of the most common STDs; Trichomoniasis which comes in form of a funny smelling v**ina discharge. Sweety, stay safe and no matter what or where do not ever share towels and the likes.

Sharp Objects

We’ve been told that sharing sharp objects is the easiest way to contact viruses into the blood stream. Viruses like; AIDs, and STDs too. So blades, knives, scissors, pins etcf. are a NO, NO!!!

Lip Balm

This cannot be said enough; moist areas are perfect breeding grounds for viruses. Scenario; imagine sharing lip balms with a person infected with STDs. You know the rest. If the tendency of someone with a cold sore or mouth rash using it can infect you how much more an infected person.