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Many young people have rampaged where they consumed tires and recited profane tunes following the snatching of a man, Mansir Yusuf and his little girl at Yantumaki people group, in Danmusa Local Government Area of Katsina State.

The kidnapping was said to have occurred in the early long periods of Tuesday morning, at around 1 am.

The desperados, it was found out, had raged the network on cruisers and made a beeline for the casualty’s home, where they constrained their way in and snatched the two people.

In any case, what infuriated the young people and numerous inhabitants was that those snatched are neighbors with the late District Head of Yantumaki, Atiku Maidabino, who was murdered by scoundrels about seven days back.

Maidabino, whose security monitor supported wounds from gunfire wounds, is at present getting treatment in emergency clinic.

Sources said surges of smoke has been ascending since 6 am Tuesday morning as young people rioted, consuming tires at different areas.

It was accumulated that the circumstance had made no little strain in the region particularly for vehicles employing streets in the territory.

The adolescents were said to have whined about the successive assaults, even as they required an enduring arrangement that would stop banditry and related exercises in their locale.

A representative for police order in the state, SP Gambo Isah is yet to react to a request made on the issue at the hour of this report.