Buhari commiserates with South East muslims over death of UNN Chief Imam
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President Muhammadu Buhari has said that no specific religion or confidence would be forced on Nigerians as he vowed to safeguard the constitution of the land.

President Buhari additionally said that it was hazardous, misleading and profane to play governmental issues with religion.

The President in an announcement marked by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity in Abuja on Friday, said that;

“some deceitful Nigerians are again erroneously and devilishly guaranteeing that the organization has a motivation to force Islam on Nigeria.”

Adesina in the announcement guaranteed that the goal of those creation the claim was to stir up religious division for political increases.

He further said that;

“A portion of these equivalent people made these wicked and created cases in front of the 2015 race, They flopped woefully.

“The President emphatically confirms the pledge he took before the Nigerian individuals to dependably shield the Constitution of Nigeria. That Constitution ensures opportunity of love for each Nigerian. “It is this certification that empowers all Nigerians to rehearse their beliefs or religion without block.

“President Buhari further attests his promise to opportunity of religion and love for all Nigerians, and that under no condition will any religion or confidence be forced on any Nigerian. “It is risky, tricky and profane to play legislative issues with religion.”