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Photos: Somali man jailed for life in Italy for brutal rape, torture and murder of at least 13 migrants in Libyan camp

A Somali man has been imprisoned for life in Italy to rape, tormenting and killing transients for delight in a forsake camp he kept running in Libya.

22-year-old Osman Matammud was discovered liable of remorselessness as he blackmailed cash from vagrants attempting to achieve Europe.

Matammud killed no less than 13 individuals and not four as beforehand thought, the Milan court said on Friday

Matammud raped dozens of women, some of them girls. His crimes could not be justified by “his traumatic experiences” as his lawyers had tried to argue, the court said.

Matammud was spotted by his victims at a migrant centre in Milan after travelling to Europe to claim asylum. He was saved from being lynched on the spot by Italian police.

“In a 40-year career I have never seen anything as horrific,” said Ilda Boccassini, one of the judges, who has prosecuted notorious mafia murderers.

Seventeen of his Somali victims told the court that he had tortured them with electric shocks and metal rods, beaten them with stones and raped the women.