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A 25-year-old board mixer recognized as Adejoh Ojonugwa has been captured in Ondo State for taking clothing having a place with his senior sibling’s better half.

He was captured by officers of Ondo State Police Command after the case was accounted for. The suspect was captured close by one Prophet Olajide Ogunleye of the Celestial Church of Christ, Ibanujemidopin Parish in Uso Local Council Area of the state.

Amid cross examination with columnists, Ojonugwa, a local of Kogi State, said he just visited the prophet for profound purging as he required an answer for his concern. Portraying his side of the story, he stated: “I went to look for otherworldly purging from Prophet Ogunleye and when I arrived, he supplicated intensely for me. Truth be told, he got some information about the activity I do, and I revealed to him that I am a board blender, which has been my exchange for quite a while.

“Afterward, he requesting that I open my hand, and he dropped something on it for me to swallow, which I did. After I gulped it, he appealed to God for me and I left his place. However, when I returned home, I wound up oblivious.

Afterward, I started to search for my sibling’s better half clothing and I took them to the Prophet for some ceremonial purposes. Tragically, hours after the fact, my sibling’s significant other raised the alert that her clothing pieces of clothing were missing and I was captured.

At the point when the Police captured me, I was taken to Uso Police Station before they exchanged me here to Akure. Two of the things have a place with my sibling’s better half and three have a place with my more youthful sister.”

The Prophet, be that as it may, denied the claim, expressing that he was just being embroiled by the suspect.

His words: “I am a genuine godly man and I have never observed the kid (Ojonugwa) in my life. He is simply lying against me. Reality of this issue is that they came to me for a package of land and I declined to give them. I never approached him to bring any clothing for ceremonies. Along these lines, they feel it is a chance to involve me in this wrongdoing since I had declined to give them the land to develop Indian hemp.

“However, I take part in some profound purifying for individuals, for the most part pregnant ladies who experience issues so they can conceive an offspring early and effectively, I don’t participate in customs for what it’s worth against the conviction of our congregation. I just observe the claim as unadulterated lies against me.”

Unmistakably furious, the senior sibling of the suspect, Benjamin Ojonugwa, said his more youthful sibling had for a long while been itching to have cash “definitely, even through ceremonies. He is my own more youthful sibling and has dependably been in scramble to have cash through any methods, however I simply express gratitude toward God that he was uncovered. He stole my better half’s clothing, and needed to utilize it for custom reason, with the goal that he will have more cash than me,” he said.

Elegance Ojonugwa, the person in question, affirmed that the presume stole her clothing from where she spread it to dry in the house. “It was my significant other’s more youthful sibling that stole the jeans. He was really trailing me to spread it and when I found that the jeans were missing, I realized he stole it,” she said Femi Joseph, representative of the Ondo State Police Command, said the suspect and the Prophet were captured a week ago by the Police.

Joseph, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), said the instances of “stolen female clothing” were presently turning into a pattern and exhorted ladies to be wary. “We need to protect whatever we are putting on. I additionally encourage guardians to caution their youngsters, especially females, to be extremely watchful where they keep their underpants,” he said. He included that the suspects would be charged to court soon.