Nigerians react as Ngige calls Faleke ‘Small boy’ – Buhari’s cabinet embarrassing us
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Nigerians have communicated frustration at the ongoing contention between the Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige and an individual from House of Representatives, James Faleke.

Ngige who appeared before the Adhoc Committee of the House of Representative, for questioning over an alleged breach of a presidential directive, mocked Faleke describing him as “a small boy” and claimed he was “Tinubu’s mate”.

“I am the same age as your mentor in Lagos, Asiwaju (Bola Ahmed Tinubu). And I was Governor with him at the same time. He was a Senator, I was a Senator.

“You are just a small boy in Lagos. Look at this Mushin boy, talking to a Victoria Island boy,” Ngige said.

Ngige is affirmed to have suspended the top administration and official advisory group individuals from the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), in spite of the presidential mandate banning priests from firing heads of organizations.

Ngige’s announcement has blended responses from Nigerians via web-based networking media.

Making reference to Ngige’s announcement, a few Nigerians on Twitter depicted the ongoing conduct of clergymen and NASS individuals as a humiliation to the nation.

Review that the Acting Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Kemebradikumo Pondei drooped while being flame broiled by individuals from the board of trustees drove by drove by Thomas Ereyitomi over the supposed money related bungle of NDDC.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter;

@SodiqTade “It has never been this bad for NASS.From Ministers walking out on members to Honorable Minister Ngige subbing a member to massage his ego. Worst in history. No regards for NASS members whatsoever.All from Buhari’s ‘hallow’ cabinet.”

@Fybloom “From EFCC, the Pondei NDDC drama to Ngige and Faleke. Doesn’t it just make you sick to the stomach? Such clownish infantile displays at the highest stage of our nation. The rot has gotten so bad we can no longer hide the maggots. Do we still have a president? What a circus.”

@Olufemiloye “On a lighter note, Ngige deriding a Faleke is not funny. Authority lies in the position, not the person. If a Minister’s ego is too big to be accountable to a lawmaker/panel of enquiry with oversight functions on his ministry’s activities, then he is not fit to be a Minister.”

@Sallycious “We have never seen rascality this far in the history of this country. To think that this is happening with Mr. INTEGRITY manning the ship?

@Dapsyano “Really think people should stop referring to these individuals as “Honourable” when they have not done anything to warrant such. There is absolutely nothing honourable about any of these people.”

@Obi_Nwosu “Chris Ngige successfully distracted everyone from the main topic. Being a Nigerian is a mental exercise.”

@Nekkasmith “Unfortunately, Ngige just exhibited that arrogance that sits in the average Igbo man.”

@Olamicome “Our politician are using us to catch cruise. See Ngige and Faleke on national television. Shaking my head.”

@Von_bismack “This is ugly. Look at what governance looks like this days.”

@Fk149 “This government is a government of Commotion. Ministers fight each other, House of Reps and Ministers exchanging words like touts. NDDC acting chairman Nollywood actor “