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Jimi Agbaje, the gubernatorial hopeful of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State has communicated his disappointment with the failing of card perusers amid casting a ballot at his surveying unit in Apapa on Saturday.

He talked with newsmen after he and his better half, Biola, casted a ballot at Polling Unit 004, Ward A, Liverpool, Apapa at about 11.20a.m after the card peruser rejected Agbaje’s fingerprints, that of his significant other and those of three different voters. They, in any case, in the long run casted a ballot after their names and photos were confirmed physically on the voter register.

The PDP hopeful said instances of breakdown of card perusers were bad for the validity of races. He called attention to that manual check of voters was powerless to appointive extortion and deceitful components could profit by it to bargain results.

“Going to my surveying unit, I am worried that the card perusers are not working; the five, six of us, that came to cast a ballot when me, the card peruser wasn’t working. Furthermore, that opens space to a wide range of hints, a wide range of underhandedness and for me, when you get a circumstance where you need to sidestep the card peruser, that implies we haven’t taken care of business.

It implies it is currently open to a wide range of human control in such a case that a card peruser doesn’t work, one can conspire with a couple of authorities there, and with the wrong data, I will sidestep the framework. That is the issue, on the grounds that there is no room in that place for the specialists to affirm that the individual whose card did not work for the card peruser is the proprietor of that card. Along these lines, recreations can be played,” he said.