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The best issue in Nigeria is instability and this has additionally influenced different districts and states.

This is as per Mrs. Nkoyo Toyo, who was an Ambassador to Ethiopia in East Africa.

Lamenting the condition of instability in the nation, Mrs Toyo called for earnest consideration.

The convener of the Niger Delta Dialog while addressing DAILY POST in Calabar said she was looking for approaches to alter the course.

“Insecurity is the biggest threat to the region and this made us engage independent researchers to work”.

“To unravel the causes of insecurity in the region, this will also help in providing empirical evidence on the basis of conflicts in the region and understand the factors behind this in a state by state basis”, she said.

“For all of us, we know that insecurity is one of our biggest problems in the country, this is the only part of the contributions in solving the problems by finding out what the issues are.

Ambassador Toyo decried the plight of the Bakassi people, urging Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) to take the bull by its horn as the region has been completely neglected, adding that there was a rise in the number of Internally displaced people in the Niger Delta.

“I call on PANDEF to take the bull by its horn, our region is almost dead, cities like Port-Harcourt need re-urbanisation, IDPs are on the rise especially from Cameroon, and we need to look into it as soon as possible.