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The 25 council chairmen of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Niger state have embarrassed Governor Sani Bello by rejecting car gifts given to to them by the governor.

The “embarrassing” decision by the party chairman has continued to dominate discussions around political landscape in the state, according to Daily.

It was gathered that the governor had met with the council chairmen of the party officially for the first time in November since he assumed office two years ago.

After the meeting that lasted for over four hours, the governor was said to have offered each of them a Toyota Camry car, 2013 model as their official car to facilitate their movement in their various local government areas but the chairmen were said to have rejected the vehicles.

The party chairmen were said to have told the governor that they could not collect the cars because they did not have what it takes to maintain such “exotic car”, more so that the party executives at the local government had been completely neglected for the past two years, saying they therefore lacked the fund to run their secretariat not to talk of maintaining such a car.

Some of the chairmen while confiding in Daily Sun expressed disappointment that the governor was meeting with them for the first time since he assumed office in 2015, adding that the governor’s car gift was nothing but a calculated attempt to pitched them against the people at the grass root, stressing that the car was not their priority at the moment.