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While everyone agrees that a healthy night’s sleep is essential, did you ever wonder about the significance of different sleep positions and what they might indicate about our personalities? Sleep scientists have been studying the most favored sleep patterns for quite some time to determine the deeper meanings behind each position. According to their research, there are nine distinct sleeping positions we use when sleeping. Let’s check them out.

The Fetal Position

The most popular sleeping style involves resting on your side, with your legs curled up. For most people, this is extremely comfortable. I can testify to that, as this is one of my favorite positions as well. People who sleep like this are considered to be “hard shells”: strong on the outside, but sensitive and shy on the inside.

 The Yearner

The yearner is another common sleeping position where people sleep on one side with their arms stretched out in front. Studies have shown that people sleeping this way are very open-minded, but may also be suspicious and cynical as well. While they are lazy decision-makers,  once their minds are made up, they stick to their plans.

The Log

Sleep like a log?” Yes, there is such a style. You sleep on one side, but with your legs extended straight and arms by your sides. It may sound rigid and dull, but, in fact, people who sleep like this are very sociable. They are called “social butterflies” because they are friendly, lighthearted, lovable and trusting. Unfortunately, they may be easily taken in as well.

 One piece of advice for these types would be to read many reviews before they make a purchase. For example, if they are looking for a new mattress, they would do well to read reviews on sites such as to find a mattress that supports their sleep position.

The Soldier

The military sleeping style consists of resting on your back, with the arms straight down next to your sides. It’s not a very popular position, but the people who prefer it are described as very serious and organized people, with high standards for themselves and the others. A strict moral code is their guidance in life.

The Freefaller

I had some difficulties imagining this position until I saw a picture of it. Freefall sleepers rest on their stomach, with their head turned to one side or the other, and the hands near or wrapped around the pillow. They are free spirits, very bold, sociable, but also cocky sometimes. Still, they don’t react well to criticism or absurd situations and, deep down, they are secretly nervous.

The Starfish

This is the least preferred sleeping position, although these type of sleepers sprawl out over the entire bed, which sounds comfortable, in theory. You lie on your back, with your legs stretched out and your arms near your head. The few people who favor this style are very loyal friends, and they love hearing about everybody else’s problems so they can try to help in any way they can.

The Stargazer

When you sleep on your back with your arms wrapped under your head, it’s like gazing at the stars, and there you have it. It’s yet another less favored position, but people who embrace it are confident, happy, flexible and adaptable.

The Pillow Hugger

Theoretically, any sleeper can hug their pillow and thus end up in this position, which some scientists don’t consider a sleep style in itself. But others say that these types of sleepers regard the relationships in their lives as highly valuable. They aim to please people and focus on doing good deeds for others.

The Thinker

This particular position is somewhat similar to the fetal one, except for the hand placed under the chin. This sleeping style indicates a highly emotional person, moving easily from one extreme to another, and for this reason, they are not perceived as reliable.

Snoring also says something about us, regardless of the position we sleep in. Scientists have discovered that people who snore are more prone to experiencing grand emotions, which can lead to hyperactivity, hostile behavior or, in some cases, depression. Nevertheless, they live each moment passionately and are loving, sensual people.

One final interesting fact about our sleep position is that, for most of us, it doesn’t change over time, just like our personalities. Only a small number of people (scientists say it’s about 5%) actually sleep in a different position every night and they are incredibly complex people.

Sweet dreams!