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The following is an announcement from the Nigerian armed force;

“In continuation of Operation DEEP PUNCH 2, intended to smoke out Boko Haram psychological militants occupying remote islands in Lake Chad bowl existing in Nigerian domain, troops of 8 Division, Nigerian Army, on Operation LAFIYA DOLE, upheld by warriors of the Armed Forces Strike Group have dispensed overwhelming setback on Boko Haram fear mongers.

The operation which started around 2 weeks back was continued by facilitated air and mounted guns siege of islands and regions involved by fear mongers, and from where they sneak into Magumeri, Kauram and different areas to plunder property and assault security work force and villagers.

Up until now, 20 psychological oppressors have been murdered, caught 17 others, while more than 100 elderly men, ladies and youngsters have been safeguarded. Preparatory examination has uncovered that an extensive number of the saved people were held without wanting to and compelled to work in ranches under hazardous conditions and penurious wages. More examination and meetings will be directed before the safeguarded people are given over for additionally activity.

The operation which is progressing has yielded abundantly as psychological militants relinquish vehicles, arms and ammo, and in addition arranged gear when troops swooped on them. The troops additionally recuperated 1Mercedes Benz Truck,

3 Toyota Land Cruiser Gun Trucks, 5 AK-47 Riffles, 3 Fabrique Nationals (FN) Riffles, 2 G3 Rifles and 1 Pump Action Rifle. Different things incorporate 1 Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) tube, 2 Bombs, 2 Very High Frequency (VHF) Radios and 1 Night Vision Goggles.

The troops additionally recuperated 55 Rounds of 5.56 X 45mm ammo, 5 Bangalore Torpedo, Two 120mm Mortar Bombs, 1000 Rounds of 7.62mm Ball Metal Link Ammunition, 55 Rounds of 7.62mm Ammunition and 108 Rounds of 12.7mm Ammunition with joins, and in addition 2 memory cards, 2 Hydraulic Jacks and a 1.5 Amp Battery.

It is inspiring to note we have not lost any life among our troops up until now. Be that as it may, 6 warriors managed different wounds and have since been emptied for provoke medicinal consideration.”

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