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Nigerian artist, Mayorkun, is on the cover of the newest issue of Accelerate TV’s magazine The Cover.

In the interview following the cover feature, he speaks to Oluwaseun Ashiru,on his style and how it influences his music, and more.

Read excerpts below:

On the difference between how he dresses on stage and in his daily life: I’m a very causal person, so at home I hardly wear chains or white shirts and for performances, I wear something more up-do; but if it’s a student show you’d never see me wear a suit. So the type of show I go for determines my look or how I dress. Even while I was working at a bank I never wore suits. Ha-ha. I wear suits now for weddings or corporate events

On how fashion affects the direction of his music video: I think some particular fashion sense appeals to certain types of people, for example Migos in their music video for tee shirt they are dressed like Eskimos, so you see black people dressed like Eskimos and that appeals to the people it appeals to. So sometimes you can see me dress like a UK boy or an African just to appeal to my audience.

Watch his cover shoot below:

Read his full interview here.