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A man who was mentally and physically abused by his girlfriend, in a case that police described as one of the worst examples of domestic abuse they’d ever seen, has shared his heartbreaking story.

The story of Alex Skeel, 23, who survived an abusive relationship with his girlfriend, Jordan Worth, has been made into a documentary titled “Abused by my girlfriend”.


In the documentary, Alex spoke of how his girlfriend was perfect and caring at first. Then, slowly, the mind games began. She mentally abused him so much that he lost his self-esteem. She manipulated him and alienated him from his family and friends so that he had no one but her.


Then the physical abuse began. She cut him with knives at will. He said he sometimes woke up to her pouring boiling water on him. She starved him so much that he was unhealthy. 

Alex’s body was covered in scars from the knife injuries and burns she inflicted on him for months during their three-year relationship.


To hide her wickedness, Jordan would put makeup on Alex to cover the scars and sought to control all aspects of his life. 

The couple were teenagers when they started dating, and had been together for three years when Worth first scalded Skeel with water.  But before then, other forms of abuse had already begun to emerge.


Alex told BBC:

Her telling me not to wear the colour grey or that she didn’t like my hairstyle… When she was telling me, ‘I don’t like the colour grey,’ or ‘I don’t like those shoes,’ I’d think, ‘Okay, I won’t wear them,’ because I wanted to impress her.

But, in reality, she was moulding me into who she wanted me to be. It undermines your confidence. And you’re fighting a battle that you’ll never win.

One day, neighbours called 999 to report a domestic issue and when police arrived, they found Alex bleeding from the wrist. He had sustained the cut when he used his hand to protect his face when Jordan tried to slash his face with a knife. But Jordan told police Alex had cut himself and Alex covered up for her by telling the police the same story.


Several times, he lied to cover up for Jordan and kept saying he inflicted all the scars on himself. 

When he was taken to the hospital, doctors told him he was just 10 days away from death.


Alex was found bleeding from the wrist after he blocked Jordan with his hand when she tried to stab him on the face

The abuse ended last year when a police officer visited the pair at home, where they lived with their two children, to follow up on a previous visit and question Alex. The police took him away from Jordan and asked him to confide in him, yet Alex kept covering for Jordan.

It was only when the officer turned off his body cam and told Alex it was just the two of them that Alex opened up. But Alex begged the officer not to let Jordan know he got the information from him. He told him to say instead that he heard about the abuse from neighbours.

Alex told BBC Three:

All the horrible truth came out. My injuries were so severe by that point, and I was so gaunt after all the weight loss. I’d denied everything up until [then]. But I couldn’t go on any longer,” he told BBC Three, a

Alex added that he’d “be in the ground” if it wasn’t for the police’s intervention.

He said:

I could feel my body shutting down. I’d lost five stone in weight. Afterwards, doctors told me that I’d been 10 days from death because I’d been denied food for so long and my injuries were so bad.

Jordan Worth pleaded guilty in court and was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison in April 2018, becoming the first woman in the UK to be convicted of coercive and controlling behaviour.

Viewers who watched the documentary took to Twitter to react to the extreme case of domestic violence suffered by Alex.

Below are screenshots of Twitter reactions and a video of the heartbreaking documentary.


SOURCE: Lindaikejisblog