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When a standout amongst the most alluring ladies in Nollywood sounds the caution of a ‘Maid in Distress’ on the web based life, it wouldn’t be so astonishing to see a band of knights in sparkling protective layer riding to town, needing to spare her. This is the accurate situation that played out when ‘Lagos Cougar’ star, Daniella Okeke posted something about her heart being broken.

“Whenever I have really cherished somebody I have dependably gotten my heart broken. That is for what reason I’m mean. I don’t love anyone however myself. Screw the world. Nobody truly thinks about you,” she had posted on her divider.

One of the principal respondents to the post, who passes by the name Top naija had an expression of help for the surprising on-screen character. He stated, “Love gives, pardons and dependably wins. So sad about individuals who made you extremely upset yet truth is there are still great steadfast men out there and you’ll discover yours some time or another in the event that you go it the correct way. Love and light .

Another respondent to the post proffered a by and large arrangement which more likely than not got the on-screen character ignoring her head.

He stated, “I have a sibling for you sister, I surmise you both have same attitude cause he’s likewise in same perspective about affection.”

In any case, everything turned out the performing artist, once broadly supposed to date Apostle Suleman, wasn’t alluding to herself. She clarified it progressively like a young lady who can especially deal with herself.

“It would be ideal if you no one made me extremely upset,” she howled in response to the deluge of remarks that overflowed her page.

“They have not brought into the world the individual who can make me extremely upset. I was simply fuming for the benefit of a companion. World individuals you cherish awful news,” she said.

In any case, one man appeared to have prevailing with regards to making her extremely upset – President Muhammadu Buhari. She was heartbroken to the point that he was reelected that she compromised to look for citizenship somewhere else.

“I truly don’t see how a sensible individual will cast a ballot Buhari. I don’t get it? What’s more, on the off chance that you ask them the main thing they will say is, he is battling debasement. However debasement in Nigeria has gone more terrible over the most recent 4 years. I surmise that is the reason they expelled the Chief Judge and supplanted him with his individual, so regardless of whether PDP goes to court, they will even now say APC won. What a nation,” she cried.