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THE Federal Government has been called upon to augment the extent of its repatriation undertaking to cover Nigerians stranded in Libya as well as those held in expulsion camps in Asian nations, for example, India and Malaysia.

Talking with South-East Voice in Abakaliki, a Nigerian who was as of late expelled from India for having issues with his voyaging reports, Mr Chukwudi Onu clarified that no less than 150 Nigerians were moping in extradition camp in India.

Portraying his trial, Mr Onu who is from Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State deplored that his better half and three kids are as yet stranded in India following his capture and extradition in May this year.

“I have been living in India for as far back as six years, I went with my family in December 2011 and on May fifteenth, I was captured by Indian Immigration Police over terminated visa, from that point to expulsion camp where I spent over a month prior to I was ousted to Nigeria.” Mr Onu said Indian government had turned out to be threatening to Nigerians as of late, asserting that even those with substantial visas were most circumstances captured and pulled into extradition camp, just to be discharged after their papers probably been confirmed.

He noticed that such huge numbers of Nigerians in the camp had been there for more than one year with no expectation of returning as they had not possessed the capacity to fund-raise for their tickets.

“Truly there were more than one thousand, five hundred Nigerians, in light of the fact that in my room, I think we were more than 60 and they have more than 21 rooms. There are places for Pakistanis and Afghanistans, I think I saw one Polish and an Australian, however the number of inhabitants in Nigerians is 20 to one of different nationals.” Mr Onu clarified that his family had been kicked out of their loft over unpaid bills and couldn’t go to extradition camp as a result of the brutal treatment being allotted to Nigerians.