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A youthful American man with fair hair, red whiskers, and dark eyebrows has been accused of fraud after he claimed to be another person to utilize stolen Mastercards.

20-year-old Julian R. Mitchell from Tennessee was captured on Thursday in the wake of endeavoring to utilize the stolen card at a Nashville bar.

As per Mail Online, when the bar’s framework recognized that the card had been lost or stolen, Mitchell was requested ID to demonstrate the card was his.

Police said he gave over a Tennessee driver’s permit that was ‘evidently clear’s that it was not his. In the wake of being addressed, Mitchell supposedly denied utilizing the stolen ID.

At the point when Police sought him, they found the injured individual’s wallet and furthermore found that he had a few other stolen charge cards having a place with the person in question.

He was captured for wholesale fraud and is being held in Davidson County imprison on a $25,000 bond.