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It would appear that Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of veteran performing artist and entertainer Steve Harvey has said a final farewell to her new man, vocalist Trey Songz.

The match who began dating toward the end of last year had just affirmed their relationship by opening up to the world about a substantial PDA this year.

As per Gossip in the City, Harvey was the person who said a final farewell to Songz after he was seen playing with other ladies, and to turn the tables on him, she purportedly went to spend time with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton while they were in the club together.

They detailed: ‘Lori and Trey got into a contention on Thursday at his gathering since he was playing with other ladies in his area. So to get back Lori went and did Lewis,’

Harvey has erased the photograph of her and Trey on her Instagram, which affirmed their relationship, however Trey still has a photograph with her on his page. The combine are likewise as yet following each other on Instagram.