Lai Mohammed – Nigeria has never witnessed so many positive steps as Buhari has done
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The Nigerian Government on Monday uncovered what the restriction party was utilizing the Coalition of Political Parties, CUPP, to do, in front of the coming races.

Priest of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed uncovered that the resistance was utilizing CUPP to fly its “fixing kite locally.”

Talking amid a question and answer session in Abuja, Mohammed stated, “As of now, they have begun flying the gear kite locally.

He stated: “They have been participating in ignitable talk and in making abnormal cases utilizing a few fronts, including the amorphous Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) which, coincidentally, is simply a resurrected Association for Better Nigeria (ABN).

“Obviously, all of you know the job that the ABN played in the fizzled 1993 political progress process.”