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Jay-Z has enlisted a lawyer to support 21 Savage, so he doesn’t get expelled to the UK, as he likewise pummeled the U.S. Movement and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

21 Savage is as of now confined by the U.S. Movement and Customs Enforcement (ICE), after they found he is a British native living in the US wrongfully.

As per TMZ, Jay-Z said the capture and confinement of the rapper is “an outright tragedy” and brings up that his US Visa application has been pending for a considerable length of time. He said;

“Notwithstanding being an effective account craftsman, 21 has the right to be brought together with his youngsters promptly.”

It was likewise affirmed that Jay-Z’s organization, Roc Nation has reacted to what it calls a “matter of bad form” by enlisting lawyer Alex Spiro to help with his case. Spiro told TMZ;

“We are not going to stop until he is discharged, reinforced out or before a judge … What we have here is somebody who outstayed their Visa with an application pending for a long time – not a sentenced criminal that should be confined and expelled at the same time, apparently a superb individual, father, and performer who has a pot offense which was cleared and fixed.”

As indicated by reports, 21 Savage really had a visa license pending for a long time before he reapplied for his US Visa in 2017, which they guarantee more likely than not drove the experts to complete a historical verification that found his visa was lapsed before his capture.