Rivers State: Ohanaeze warns Nigerian Army against further molestation of Obigbo residents
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The peak Igbo socio-social association, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Wing, has promised to execute its ousting request on executioner herders to stop Igbo woods and shrubberies in about fourteen days as the final proposal is going to slip by.

Arthur Obiorah, the President of Ohanaeze Youth, in an announcement, on Thursday, demanded that no measure of purposeful publicity would make the gathering retreat from its choice as the executioner herders have kept on killing, principle and assault guiltless Igbo indigenes in there farmlands and parkways.

It reviews that Ohanaeze had given fourteen days’ notification to all executioner herders in Igbo land to stop the woods and hedges in the zone or be launched out forcibly.

It said the shrubberies and woodlands have a place with the individuals and should no longer hold executioner herders.

Ohanaeze cautioned the Miyeti Allah gathering to quit offering expressions that can cause an emergency in the nation.

The gathering had given the supposed illicit tenants everything being equal and woods in Igbo land fourteen days to stop from the territories or be catapulted forcibly.

Be that as it may, as indicated by the Igbo bunch in the announcement, “We can’t endure this once more. We approach the Nigeria police to hold onto all AK-47 and different risky weapons possessing the executioner herders on the off chance that it is not kidding on its case to end weakness in the nation”.