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Director and Chief Executive Officer of Innoson Group, Chief Innocent Chukwuma has portrayed his difficulty in the hands of agents of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The agents said he was impolitely awoken from his rest in the small hours by weapon totting security authorities who raged his home.

“They captured me like a criminal, I was putting on the night wear I woke up in and was taken to the airplane terminal in shorts and a singlet. From that point to Lagos,” he said.

The counter join office guaranteed that Chukwuma was captured following “his refusal to respect welcome having prior hopped a regulatory safeguard conceded him for a situation being examined by the Capital Market and Insurance Fraud Unit of the Commission’s Lagos office.”

In any case, the industrialist and vehicle maker told newsmen at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport yesterday that he was not blameworthy of any of the claims leveled against him by the EFCC.

Describing how the agents of the EFCC captured him, he stated: “As a matter of first importance, I need to thank all Nigerians who remained by me, on the grounds that GTBank composed a false appeal to against me. The EFCC went to my home, bounced over the fence of my compound and whisked me away, yet all Nigerians declined to acknowledge this. Along these lines, I am expressing gratitude toward everyone who battled for this issue since I was amazed when the EFCC bounced into my compound at a young hour early in the day. When I saw them, I thought they were ruffians or furnished thieves, just to see that they were really from the EFCC.

“Quickly I saw them around 5:30a.m, I stowed away for more than two hours until when the climate turned into a smidgen clearer around 7:30a.m, when I could see that they were putting on police uniform. All of a sudden, I started to hear discharges and that was the point at which I understood that numerous policemen had come into my compound, and that was the point at which I left my alcove.

“When I turned out, they said they needed to capture me and that they are from the EFCC. I tailed them to their office in Enugu, however up till now, they have not disclosed to me my offense.”

The Innoson manager who was later traveled to Lagos said that upon landing in the EFCC Lagos office, the agents requesting that he abandon disclosing to him what his offense was.

He demanded that he was never welcomed by the EFCC, saying “no one welcomed me, no one got me educated before my capture. On the off chance that they had welcomed me or composed any letter to me, I would have respected the welcome since I am a bona fide representative and industrialist. I don’t have anything in my pantry to cover up. Furthermore, that is the reason I demanded they should disclose to me what I did, yet till now I haven’t been told my offense.”

Chukwuma revealed that when he was discharged at the EFCC Lagos office, he declined to leave until the point when he was told his offense, including, “they needed to beseech me before I exited.”

He said he would ensure that the commission clarified why they captured him. “I have never in my life owed any assessment, I pay all my expenses and every one of my obligations. I am a honest to goodness representative and industrialist, I have a history in my business.”