Ilbliss Advises Fans — “Do Not Be Fooled, Most Of These Artistes Are Dead Broke
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Nigerian veteran rapper, Illbliss has exhorted fans not to be tricked by the way of life of some Nigerian performers in light of the fact that huge numbers of them are really penniless.

The rapper took to his Twitter page to uncover that the majority of the large performers are dead down and out due to the coronavirus pandemic. He asked fans not to be tricked by whatever they see as these performers have wasted their cash on costly gems, and medications. He further included that the pandemic has uncovered those that put something aside for the blustery day.

He wrote: “Don’t be fooled, kid. Most of these cats are dead broke. They blew their lean change on jewelry, rented terrace houses, sneakers, and drugs. COVID is a bastard. Now we know how saved for the rainy day.”