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Questionable Televangelist, Bishop Daniel Obinim has pledged to show up in the fantasy of any individual who affronts him deliberately or inadvertently on the different online life stages.

He revealed that the individuals who make demonizing remarks about him and keep on offending him for reasons unknown will undoubtedly observe him in their fantasies since he has not successfully merit that sort of treatment.

The man who professes to have lived like royalty with chief heavenly messenger Gabriel cautioned that individuals can ahead to manhandle him on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and the other web based life handles the main confirmation he has for them is that he will show up in their fantasies.

“Feel free to affront me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram more than any other individual, what I can guarantee you is that I unquestionably show up in your fantasies and there is no uncertainty about that”, he cautioned.

Heavenly attendant Obinim as he wants to call himself, stretched out a hand of adoration to each one of those manhandling him over his position on specific teachings in Christianity, demanding he cherishes them all in spite of what they are doing to him.

“On the off chance that you hear that anybody is offending me in Ghana, tell the individual Angel Obinim cherishes him and that he will show up in his fantasies”.