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Nollywood performing artist, Fortune Marshal, in a meeting, revealed that her ex utilized charms on her to influence her to wed him.

As indicated by the Nigerian-based Ghanaian/Jamaican performing artist, he was an injurious spouse, in the passionate and physical way.

The mother of two said;

“I began acting since 2008 in Ghana. I came to Nigeria in 2009 and joined the business in 2010. I was a result of abusive behavior at home. I dropped out of the college in my second year because of monetary challenges.

It was additionally the year I got pregnant for the man who got me through voodoo (charms). Life wasn’t simple for me at that point. I needed to do unspecialized temp jobs to provide food for myself in light of the fact that the man wasn’t helping but instead mishandling me physically and inwardly.

I was completely devoted to him until God spared me from him. We had two children; he took them from me; for a long time I didn’t see them until two years prior. I went and took the more youthful one in his nonappearance.

I have one child with me by and by. For the time being, I would prefer not to consider re-marriage, I simply need to concentrate on my vocation, myself and my child, since we need a ton of making up for lost time to do. Perhaps from that point forward, I will allow my heart to cherish.”

In the event that she at last chooses to remarry, the performer disclosed to Sun News,

“Most occasions I tell women, there is in no way like Mr Right when you share a similar esteem and vision with a man, at that point you are good”.