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President Muhammadu Buhari says Nigeria and Nigerians are continually at the forefront of his thoughts. The president expressed this on Monday at the end function of a workshop on voter instruction sorted out by the All Progressives Congress directorate of race arranging and observing.

Buhari said his organization has no free cash to provide for everyone except it will keep on giving infrastructural offices to all parts of the nation with the pitiful assets accessible.

President Buhari promised that the APC-drove organization will keep on building more streets, rail lines and give more capacity to quick change of the nation.

He, consequently, charged members of the workshop to persuade customary voters on the need to cast a ballot APC in the expected race.

Buhari stated: “If it’s not too much trouble attempt and persuade our normal voters for the forfeit they are making that to the extent this framework is concerned we are all the equivalent since I have one vote each.

“Give them a chance to feel they are sufficiently critical as Nigerian natives. Along these lines, we require their help and participation, let them come and vote in favor of us.

“We don’t have cash to give everyone. We will utilize the cash for the arrangement of framework – we will attempt and do your streets, we will attempt and do the rail and we will enhance control.

“I guarantee you that I hit the sack and wake up pondering Nigerians and Nigeria.”

President Buhari, who communicated good faith that the APC would rise successful in the general race, said the aftereffects of the ongoing bye-races led in Edo, Ondo, Osun and Ekiti had additionally supported his spirit.

He stated: “The bye-races in Kogi and Rivers were heartbreaking under the previous party administration as individuals were slaughtered, properties lost and I as the President was entirely awkward and despondent.

“Be that as it may, the decisions in Edo and Ondo somewhat revived my resolve since we won those races.

“And afterward obviously, accordingly we have practically been winning all bye-races – Ekiti and Osun, etc.

“This is done not on the grounds that only we are in power but rather in light of the fact that we chose to remake the gathering from base upwards so individuals that speak to the gathering and individuals from the gathering at every body electorate will know whom they would trust for designation as their agents at nearby, state and government levels.

“These are not there coincidentally. We sat and arranged them at the progressive system of the gathering and I’m exceptionally satisfied you are here speaking to every one of the voting public in the nation.

“We have no other enthusiasm than to serve this nation and to serve our kin.”