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US President, Donald Trump has by and by responded to the on-going preliminary of his previous legal advisor, Michael Cohen.

As per him, it’s been two years of presidential provocation with no outcome, ‘after over two years of Presidential Harassment, the main things that have been demonstrated is that Democrats and other overstepped the law. The antagonistic Cohen declaration, given by a liar to diminish his jail time, demonstrated no Collusion’.

Trump included that, ‘his simply composed book original copy demonstrated what he said was an absolute falsehood, however Fake Media won’t indicate it. I am a guiltless man being abused by some awful, tangled and degenerate individuals in a Witch Hunt that is illicit and ought to never have been permitted to begin – And simply because I won the Election’.

I am an innocent man being persecuted by some very bad, conflicted & corrupt people  - Donald Trump