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Top individuals from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Kebbi State have continued different degrees of wounds amid their battle in Jeda Local Government Area of the State.

All the gathering’s best shots on the platform, including the governorship competitor, Isah Muhammad Galaudi, a previous head of staff to Bukola Saraki, tumbled off when the platform fallen totally.

Some online networking clients including rapper Falz have responded to the episode.

@obiakandukac, wrote, “Nothing will happen to them, politics should not be seen as war, weather it’s this party or that… We should be our brothers keeper.”

@amirnadwat, “In sincere honesty, if that were to be their last day, in the capacity of Campaign with truthfully or otherwise; what would be their explanations to God Almighty the Omnipresent, the Omniscient and The knower of all the hidden ? Let’s put ourselves into accountability before God.”

@sereodigie, “The danger in this is actually not the accident…….as in the habit of PDP, someone was contracted to have that stage made, but they will rather risk everyone’s life and make extra money. They careless about even themselves.”

@Msanee, “When PMB missed a step theywere all over him, but a whole podium collapse here but you won’t hear anything.”

@preciousmedeit, “Because podium collapsed. That’s is mechanical fault fault. Buhari collapsing twice shows he’s challenged health-wise and not fit to run the affairs of the presidency. You need to #GetyourbrainWorkingagain.”

@Funkemyfun, “This is unbelievable I seriously hope they’re all fine? You see, domestic accidents are bound to happen, we shouldn’t trivialise mishaps like this all in because of politicking. The other time PMB missed his step during Kogi campaign, many unfortunate utterances were made.”