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Lawyer Michael Avenatti, last Thursday, gave a R. Kelly s3xtape to Cook County investigators. The 45-minute tape is said to indicate R Kelly playing out different s3x acts with an underage young lady, whom both Kelly and the young lady portray on tape as being 14 years of age.

R Kelly was accused on Friday of numerous crim1nal tallies of s3xual maltreatment of an adolescent.,”

Avenatti disclosed to CNN a week ago:

“My customer knows the personality of the young lady and R. Kelly. He distinguished both of them on the tape. He worked for and has known R. Kelly for quite a long time and he met the young lady on various events.”

Avenatti message to R Kelly:

It’s finished.

Following 25 years of sequential s3xual misuse and ass#ult of underage young ladies, the moment of retribution for R Kelly has arrived.

He will bite the dust in a jail… he ought to never walk free. The fix was in the first occasion when… I’m very certain that nothing will get spoiled this time.”

Doubtlessly that individuals near R Kelly partook in this direct and empowered it… all in light of a legitimate concern for cash.

It’s about time that you face equity for the direct you’ve occupied with for the majority of two decades… don’t rely on regularly escaping jail.”