Harry Maguire to pay £90,000 to avoid three-year prison sentence
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Manchester United skipper, Harry Maguire, has been informed that he could beat prison by paying £90,000, as indicated by the UK Mirror.

Maguire left a Greek court yesterday wearing a face cover and to a notice he could go through three years in jail.

The 27-year-old showed up in court in Syros over a fight on neighboring island Mykonos.

He argued not liable to the charges against him, as he was flame broiled by a nearby examiner for just about two hours.

On the off chance that he was sentenced, Maguire could pay an every day aggregate to abstain from being sent to prison, under a plan to ease packing in Greek correctional facilities.

More than three years that could be £90,000, not exactly 50% of Maguire’s £190,000-a-week wages.