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Rivers state senator, Nyesom Wike, has blamed the Federal Government for wanting to follow 200 Judges in Nigeria. Representative Wike made this case amid the focal mending administration of the Greater Evangelism World Crusade on Sunday February third in Port Harcourt.

He affirmed that the APC-drove Federal Government has marshaled out an assault to scare 200 Judges, particularly those of the Federal Judiciary. He said that the Federal Government has gathered the advantage presentation types of 200 Judges from the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) for the arranged mass attack.

“I caught a talk by a Minister of the Federal Executive Council where he was telling a social event that they are cheerful that they have managed the Supreme Court. The Minister said that the following set would be the Court of Appeal Judges and the Federal High Court judges. The Minister said any judge that neglects to collaborate will confront trump up charges and constrained to leave.

“This APC Federal Government has gone to the Code of Conduct Bureau to get the advantage statement types of 200 Judges. Any judge that neglects to pursue their malevolent plot, will be irritated with false charges and mistreatment” he said

Talking further, Governor Wike said

”The chuurch ought to consistently petition God for the Federal Judiciary. The Judiciary in Nigeria is under attack. On the off chance that anything happens to the legal executive, our majority rule government is in a bad position. The Church needs to appeal to God for the judges to stay solid notwithstanding terrorizing and badgering.”