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Ghanaian performer, Efia Odo has informed women on the medical advantage regarding sperm. As per model and on-screen character, Efia Odo, sperm is useful for clearing pimples and this has a great deal of her devotees on Twitter making inquiries.

she composed:

“Sperm is useful for clearing pimples. Just on the off chance that any of y’all have skin inflammation issues”.

She likewise included that sperm can be put away in the ice chest to make it last more.

Look at a portion of the answers to her tweet underneath.

The last time we reported about Efia Odo was when she slammed ladies who have gone under the knife to make their body look perfect.

She said:

‘Nobody with a natural body goes hard to prove their body is natural it’s always chicks with fakes asses that be trying to prove to the world that their body is real.’