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Firefighters with the West Midlands Fire Service were disinterested in the wake of spending just about a hour to free a YouTube prankster.

The group from Fallings Park Community Fire Station had been called by the emergency vehicle benefit who required help with an episode in Wolverhampton.

They touched base to discover a man with a microwave broiler established to his head.

Officer accountable for the West Midlands Fire Service team, Watch Commander Shaun Dakin, gave the whole story. He stated:

He and a gathering of companions had blended seven packs of Polyfilla which they at that point poured around his head, which was secured by a plastic sack inside the microwave.

The broiler was being utilized as a form, and wasn’t connected to. The blend rapidly set hard and, when we were called, they’d just been endeavoring to free him for 90 minutes.

As amusing as this sounds, this young fellow could without much of a stretch have suffocated or have been genuinely harmed.

Companions of the prankster had possessed the capacity to bolster an air tube into his mouth to enable him to relax. Dakin proceeded:

Dismantling the microwave was precarious, in light of the fact that a considerable measure of it was welded. We video-called our specialized protect associates for counsel and in the end figured out how to get him unstuck.

He was extremely calmed when we expelled an expansive piece of the Polyfilla with a screwdriver, enabling him to inhale all the more effortlessly. In any case, we must be amazingly cautious with the screwdriver, working so nearly to his head.

It took us about a hour to free him. The majority of the gathering included were exceptionally conciliatory, yet this was plainly a get out which may have kept us from helping another person in certified, unplanned need.

The West Midlands Fire Service likewise discharge a video asking that individuals not endeavor tricks that could end their lives.

The occurrence could without much of a stretch have been avoidable, they stated, and that time could have been utilized to spare different lives.

See the photo and photographs of the prankster underneath: